Song of wind and fire

Once upon a time there was a boy. His soul was uneasy, always looking for something, but he didn’t know what. He was searching all the time, doing nothing else. Everyone thought of him as weird or a drifter but he never gave up. He went through many failures. Once he tried to fly but he didn’t grow wings so he fell and hurt himself. One other time he tried to travel with his mind but he ended up disappointed. He tried to understand the animal language but still nothing. And neither the forces of nature were willing to obey him.
Until one day, when he was sitting on the soil, he felt the warth of the earth beneath him and this warmth was talking to him, in a strange langauge and although he didn’t understand he felt that there was something touching his heart and it was warm. The warmth increased until it grew to a huge fire, burning the heart of the boy with knowledge and pleasure. And the boy would not understand but he would feel the fire burning him inside, driving him crazy, but still it felt so good, god, what a sweet torture… It seemed to him that he finally found what he was searching for, so he seeked to tame this fire and be one with it and learn to feel through it. But it was difficult and sometimes it would burn so much that it hurt but the boy was always enjoying it and always provoking his heart to be one with the great fire. Months had passed and the boy played with his new toy, but something didn’t feel quite complete.
One day he was trying to become fire himself while sitting be the sea when he felt an utter chilly wind traveling through his nose to his insides. It smelled sea salt and raw fish and it kept him stunned and palaryzed for some time. The wind traveled through all his body making it shake and hover above the sea. It was shaking his soul with the most holy melody, he felt his body light and liquid and barely could kept himself from flying. When the wind met the fire inside him ,first there was doubt but then it embraced the fire starting a crazy dance where the boy himself was not the protagonist. Soon it became a fire wave surfing the wind and it finally felt complete.
So when he felt a passionate love for a girl the fire was growing stronger and when he wanted to ride the winds he would embraced the wind carpet and go. In the end he learned to fly with passion in his heart and he didn’t feel conflict inside him again.

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